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Anthony & Sylvan Freeform Pools in New York

Freeform pools are one of the many unique pool designs that are extremely popular among our valuable customers in New York. The pool builders at Anthony & Sylvan know how to make a fantastic freeform pool that fits in your backyard seamlessly. We offer our customers the most style and design options that can make your imagination run wild for the perfect pool escape.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing a free-form style pool and see a couple of gorgeous Anthony & Sylvan New York pools for yourself.

Freeform Pool

Two-level freeform pool with vanishing edge and stone coping.

Benefits of a Free-form Pool

Gentle curves, flowing lines, and truly eye-catching – freeform pools are a sight of pure bliss. With our infinite design options, these pools can easily fit in backyards of any size and offer many superb benefits:
• Freeform pools blend in to any backyard.
• They go well with natural accents such as stone or rock waterfalls.
• They are flexible, conforming to any size yard.
• They allow for various custom features including spas, beach entries, and tanning shelves.

Freeform pool

New York freeform pool and spa combination with stairs.

The Freedom of Free-form Pools

Freeform pools give you the freedom to create any shape you desire. Their natural look makes it easy to fit in any outdoor setting. You can go from simple to luxurious, whatever style you fancy; that’s the beauty of free-form pools! Our talented design consultants will help you determine the best shape for your ideal pool.

This concrete pool in New York has curves that are simply dreamy, featuring brick decking and coping that perfectly contrasts against the stunning blue water in the pool. For optimum sunbathing, there is a beach entry that is also a great addition for small children. And of course, you cannot forget the attached spa designed for complete relaxation. This freeform creation is what dreams are made of.

This New York freeform pool truly enhances the backyard with its gorgeous style and appeal. The vanishing edge gives the pool a modern feel while the raised spa is the perfect spot for melting the day away. Settling above the water is a seating area, a great view for keeping an eye on swimming children while chatting and engaging with friends.

Landscaped yard with freeform pool

Freeform pool with raised spa and vanishing edge.

Pick Anthony & Sylvan to Build Your New York Free-form Pool

If you’re excited to get started with building your own backyard freeform pool, call the team at Anthony & Sylvan. You can always count on us to create the swimming pool of your dreams. We serve customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut so fill out our online form or give us a call at (845) 533-3343.