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Essential New York Pool Safety Tips During the Winter

Once the winter months hit New York, it’s safe to say it’s time to store the beach towels and pool floaties for the season. However, pool owners still must take care of their pool during the time off to ensure it will be ready for the warmer seasons.

We service many New York pools, and we have some suggestions for pool owners during the winter months. If you’re already starting to notice some potential problems for your pool, it’s better to take care of them as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us for professional assistance. In the meantime, stay safe this winter and follow these essential safety tips.

Add an Algaecide to Combat Algae Growth in the Winter

During the winter season, the drop in temperature doesn’t discourage algae from potentially invading your pool. Before you shut down your circulation system, add an algaecide and let it filter through your pool for a day.

Once the algaecide has done its job, shut down your operation system. You’ll be happy when spring comes around that you won’t have to deal with an ecosystem of algae in your pool.

Check Pool Pipes and Parts to Avoid Freezing

Drain the pump water to your pool heater and filters. Once New York reaches frigid temperatures, any excess water can freeze your pipes, leading to cracks and costly repairs. Drain your pool water at least four inches below your skimmer to avoid any winter pool issues.

Cracks in your pool decking can also form easier during the winter due to the frigid temperatures. Make sure to diligently check surrounding areas, because breaks in the foundation can become danger zones for children and guests.

Take Care of Your Pool Cover to Keep Kids Safely Away During Winter

Talk to a consultant about a safety cover that properly fits your pool. Once winter hits, make sure to take care of your pool by removing debris from the cover. Excess weight may damage your cover or expose cracks. Check your pool cover cables for a nice tight fit to ensure that your pool water is contaminant free.

Only remove your pool cover to follow your winter chemical treatment plan. Make sure you use fresh chemicals for your pool and get rid of old chemical products. Pool owners should also ensure that their cover fits correctly without any exposed areas to prevent children or pets from falling into the water. It’s important to teach your children to stay away from the edges of your covered pool and to walk around the pool rather than run.

Contact Anthony and Sylvan for All Your Winter Renovation and Service Needs

If you are taking these colder months as a time to renovate your pool, or even just to keep it in good condition for spring learn more about how we can help. Feel free to contact us for any of your pool needs. Stay safe this winter!