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Innovative New York Backyard & Pool Lighting

New York is known for its hustle and bustle in the city. Commuters spend an average of 2 hours a day getting to and from work. After the stress of your commute and work day, what better way to unwind than slip into your backyard pool? Lighting in a backyard and pool area adds to safety, but also creates mood and ambiance, further enhancing your experience.

Lighting Options and Effects

There are many types of lighting pool owners can choose from. Often they come with features like light shows and colors. Lighting can be installed underwater or overhead in your backyard pool area.

The Differences Between Fiber Optics and LED Lights

Fiber optic lighting and LED bulbs produce a limited amount of heat, so they’re safe for families. They both come with lights hows, color options, and are easy to replace. The main differences between the two types of lighting is the way they are installed and the effects they can create.

Fiber optics typically produce softer luminosities. If you’re looking for the appearance neon lights produce via their glass tubes, side glow fiber optics are the way to go. They can align the edge of the pool with any color you choose, or alternate in various patterns.

For a scattered bioluminescence-look within your pool, end glow fiber optics provide soft, dotted lights with specific locations you can plan out. LED lighting provides stronger, clear lighting. It’s especially helpful in highlighting feature of your pool like a waterfall, slide, or steps. LED lights also have extremely vibrant colors and even one light can light up an entire pool.

Control Systems

Pool control systems allow individuals to remotely or automatically turn on lights and other features installed in pools. Remote access means swimmers can change lighting colors and shows without stepping out of the pool. Automatic settings programmed into control systems can have pools ready to go and safe for homeowners when they arrive after a long day of work. Anthony & Sylvan offers touch-activated and remote controls, like the Jandy AquaLink Touch and Pentair IntelliTouch.

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