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Our Favorite Geometric Pools in New York

While swimming pools come in many shapes, people are typically most familiar with geometric swimming pools – and for a good reason. Geometric swimming pools are typically rectangular or square, and they offer straight lines for a classic, clean design. Geometric swimming pools are also well-suited for swimming laps.

At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we have over 70 years of experience building inground pools to our customers’ specifications. Discover some of the fantastic geometric swimming pool designs we’ve built in New York, and book your dream pool design consultation today.

New York Geometric Pool with Sheer Descent Waterfalls & Water Features

Custom geometric pool

Geometric pool with sheer descent waterfalls and water features.

This beautiful geometric pool is illuminated with pool lighting to produce a fantastic blue color, and it’s surrounded by luxurious stone pool decking.

This pool features an inset spa on the left-hand side for easy access going back and forth from swimming to relaxing. There are also three sheer descent waterfalls at the far end of the pool, which create a relaxing sound and a natural look. These are juxtaposed with laminar jets, which shoot streaming arcs of water into the pool from its perimeter to give the exterior poolscape just enough relaxing sound to decompress after a long day at work.

Small Geometric Pool with Stone Coping & Automatic Cover in New York

New York pool

Small geometric pool with stone coping and automatic cover.

This geometric pool may appear small, but it’s the perfect size for swimming short laps or floating serenely. Just because your backyard space is limited doesn’t mean there’s no room for a pool!

This pool features stone pool coping for an upscale look, and it even includes an automatic cover for pool safety, lower maintenance costs and convenience.

New York Geometric Pool with Raised Spa, Spillway & Vanishing Edges

New York Pool

Geometric pool with raised spa, spillway, and vanishing edges.

This geometric pool sets itself apart with straight edges on three sides and a stone wall boundary on the fourth side, which leads to a raised spa.

The raised spa sits flush with an elevated poolside lounge area, and a water spillway and two sheer descent waterfalls flow from the stone wall into the pool below. The combination of the stone wall and flowing water give the pool a natural look and a relaxing feel.

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