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Stunning New York Custom Spa Features

Are you looking to add a custom inground spa to your home? Or do you already own a spa and would like to add beautiful features or textures to complement the existing backyard?

Discover Anthony & Sylvan Pools’ most innovative and stunning options for custom inground spas to make the most of your new total backyard renovation.

Custom Raised Spas with Spillways

The most elegant type of home spa is the raised spa, which sits next to but above a swimming pool. Parents love raised spas because they can watch their children play in the pool, but they’re able to relax in the warm water without fear of splashing.

Adding a stone spillway to a raised spa allows a cascade of water to flow from the spa’s edge down to the inground pool level. The flow of the water creates a serene sound, and as peaceful as this white noise is, a spillway also creates a gorgeous, natural look.

Natural Stone Spa Coping

The material you choose to line your spa’s edges with is a very important decision. Natural Stone coping transforms your custom spa’s appearance into a hot spring.

Natural Stone is highly durable and offers a timeless look and feel. With stone coping, no one will hesitate to climb into your custom inground spa.

Custom Swim Spas

A custom swim spa combines the best parts of a swimming pool and a spa. You are provided with a warm current that allows you to swim safely. It’s a great option for people who aren’t strong swimmers, and the warm water perfect for exercising and improving range of motion for people with arthritis.

The spa is also the perfect size for small backyards where a full-size swimming pool is not an option!

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