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The Most Stunning Luxury Pools in New York

A truly luxurious pool is aesthetically beautiful and also matches the homeowner’s needs and desires when it comes to custom features.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is America’s premier pool building company. We start all of our projects off with a no-obligation pool design consultation, so we can understand our clients’ vision for their backyard. Explore our stunning luxury pool designs below.

New York Luxury Pool & Raised Spa

This luxury pool and raised spa is built with a stone retaining wall to make it level with this home’s veranda.

The raised spa features a natural stone tile trim, and a spillway allows water to flow down from the spa into the pool. Next to the spa, there’s a handy step to help swimmers get into the pool, which can easily double as a bench. At the other end of the pool, there’s a raised ledge just under the surface of the water where swimmers can sit and relax.

Around the exterior of the pool, there is tasteful landscaping, and there is even a cluster of natural rocks on one side. These form a rock waterfall, which helps swimmers feel closer to nature.

New York Luxury Pool

Freeform luxury pool and raised spa.

Luxury Pool & Spa with Brick Coping & Pergola

This New York luxury pool achieves a classic look with a geometric pool shape. The pool is surrounded by pristine, white concrete pool decking and clay red brick pool coping to match the textures of the home. The interior of the pool is trimmed with beautiful tile to indicate the seating area.

At the end of the pool, a raised spa rests 12” higher that the pool elevation. Water pours gently out of the spa down into the pool via three spillways. The spa and surrounding area are both shaped like a radius. The entire spa area is framed by a pergola, which can be used to provide shade.

New York Luxury Pool

Geometric luxury pool and spa with water features and brick coping.

Large New York Luxury Pool & Spa with Landscaping & Stone Decking

This luxury pool and spa is surrounded by natural stone pool decking, rocks, shrubs, and other pool landscaping elements. Together, these design elements give the pool the appearance of a natural body of water. The natural stone decking preserves the look of your pool and is incredibly durable.

The pool features multiple entry and exit points for both the shallow and deep ends. The raised spa is lined with natural stone tile to lend to the organic look and feel of this pool. Even the spa’s spillway is surrounded by smaller rocks to give it the appearance of a rock waterfall.

The pool is both wide and long, which makes it perfect for swimming laps, but its freeform shape also makes it great for relaxing, in-water conversation and floating along peacefully as well.

New York Luxury Pool

Freeform luxury pool and spa with stone accents.

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