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Tips for Closing Your New York Inground Pool

Read advice from the professionals at Anthony & Sylvan Pools in New York

Properly closing your pool at the end of the pool season can help keep it in good condition long-term. The freezing temperatures of New York winters pose a risk to your pool and equipment if proper closing techniques are not followed – leading to potentially costly repairs later.

To help you properly close your inground pool, the pool maintenance experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools have compiled a list of our best tips to help make it as easy as possible for New York pool owners to easily and effectively close their pool, allowing them to enjoy it for years to come.

Don’t Close Your New York Pool Too Soon

In New York, you can usually close your pool in late summer or early fall, depending on that year’s weather conditions. Your pool water temperature needs to be consistently below 55 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid algae growth, so look at the weather conditions for several weeks after the day you plan to close to make sure the temperature isn’t going back up again in the near future.

Slowly Adjust the Water in Your Inground Pool

Before closing, you will need to balance your pool water chemistry and treat your pool with sanitizer and an algaecide. Allow normal chlorine levels to return to your pool after shocking it before you add in the algaecide. High chlorine levels can destroy the algaecide or make it less effective.

Lower the Water – But Don’t Drain It

Lower the water in your New York inground pool using a pump. Don’t lower the water too much, though, and definitely don’t drain it. As the soil under your pool freezes and thaws as New York temperatures drop and rise, the water contained in the soil will contract and expand. This is how roads, sidewalks and other durable surfaces get cracked and broken in the winter. The weight of your pool water will hold everything in place and prevent it from expanding up into your pool, pushing the concrete and lining with it.

Call Anthony & Sylvan Pools in New York for Help

If you have questions about the best way to winterize your pool, contact your local New York pool design center by filling out our online contact form. Anthony & Sylvan Pools has nearly 30 years of experience in the pool industry and knows the unique challenges that the harsh New York winters bring to your pool’s maintenance needs. Our New York team is here to help you find the right tools, equipment and professional help when you need it.