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Top 3 Trendy Designs for New York Pools

No matter the look you’re going for in your New York backyard, the pool design experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools can help you create your ideal outdoor space. From natural escapes to modern design retreats, Anthony & Sylvan Pools are extremely customizable and can bring your back yard to life. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outdoor entertaining space or one to relax and enjoy with the family, our custom pools can do it all.

Whether you’re remodeling your existing pool or designing a new swimming pool in your New York backyard, the design of your new oasis is extremely important. Check out a few of the most popular design ideas to help you make a splash with your new pool design.

Flowing Freeform Pool Shape

Landscaped yard with freeform pool

Freeform pool with raised spa and vanishing edge.

Freeform pools are incredibly popular because they allow home owners to take advantage of the size and shape of their backyard. These swimming pools are designed in a naturalistic or irregular shape that highlights the natural shape of your outdoor space. Today’s freeform pools often allow for rock and waterfall features along with vanishing edges and the convenient incorporation of a spa.

Cutting Edge Luxury

Modern Pool

Sleek, modern pool with luxurious knife-edge.

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern design you’re not alone! Knife-edge, or vanishing edge pools are incredibly popular, and for good reason. The overflow of the pool runs into a tiny slot edge that surrounds the pool’s perimeter, creating a mirrored surface effect. This design blends your pool with the surrounding area effortlessly for a clean, contemporary modern feel.

Custom Lighting and Water Features

New York Geometric Pool

Geometric pool with luminary jets, raised spa with spillway and stone decking.

Enhance your pool design with luxurious lighting and water features. Waterfalls, fountains, jets, and more are a great way to add personality and depth to your pool. Whether you’re building an exciting, modern pool or something with a relaxing, spa feel – adding a water feature or stunning lighting that highlights your style is simple.

Design a Trendy New York Pool for Your Home with Anthony & Sylvan

These top three trendy pool features are perfect whether you’re designing a new pool for your outdoor space or adding to your existing pool. With help from the design experts at Anthony & Sylvan, you’ll be swimming and entertaining around your trendy New York pool in no time!
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