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Design an Infinity Pool for Your New York Home

Infinity pools, sometimes known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools, are a modern swimming pool design that allows water to flow over one or more of the pool edges and appear to vanish. In reality, the water is collected in a catch basin and recirculated back into the pool. However, the lack of visual edges in this pool design produces a magical optical effect that the pool is expansive and never-ending.

Vanishing edge pools are quickly becoming one of the most popular pool designs in New York. It’s at the top of a pool buyer’s wish list when envisioning their ideal New York backyard oasis – and for good reason! Once only found in exclusive destination resorts and on the covers of travel magazines, infinity pools are now available for any backyard and with the right considerations and design, can be a breath-taking focal point for your outdoor space.

Placement of Your New York Infinity Pool

Strategic placement of your pool adds luxurious impact to your space. Positioning pool vanishing edges so that they appear to merge into an existing body of water, like a lake or pond, makes the pool appear expansive and blends it into the surrounding natural scenery.

Distinct level changes also present a unique opportunity for you to emphasize the design of your pool. Position the vanishing edge close to a terraced drop off or on a sloping yard to make it appear as if you could swim into the horizon.

Unique Design Options for Infinity Pools

There are limitless ways that you can personalize your infinity pool with unique design features to make it distinctly yours.

Highlight the features of your infinity pool with customized design options like a vanished-edge raised spa that appears to float on the surface of the water. This adds height to your design and creates a tiered waterfall spillway between the two levels.

Choosing tile that matches your interior finish color enhances the infinity aspect of the design and creates an incredibly smooth and crystal-clear vanishing point. Place the pool at an angle and make two edges into vanishing edges to play with perspective.

Get the Infinity Pool of Your Dreams for Your New York Home

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