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Testimonials from our New York Customers

At Anthony & Sylvan, we believe the best way to be a successful business is through customer satisfaction. By understanding what the customer wants, we pair a quality inground pool with an exceptional warranty, creating an environment for customer approval and excitement. There’s a reason that 50% of our business comes from referrals, see what our customers in New York are saying about us:

“As an attorney, my week is full-on, every hour of every work day. I wake up Saturday morning and get my book and my floating chair, and start re-charging the batteries. I can’t tell you how great it is to walk out the door and see a paradise right before your eyes. I’ve had the pool for over two years now, and it is still my beautiful oasis.”
– R.W.

“Our Design Consultant was AWESOME! We trusted her probably too much to the point where we could not even make a decision without first consulting with her. We probably annoyed her. She was so helpful, kind, comforting, accommodating, knowledgeable, honest, responsive, dependable, experienced! I can go on and on. Thanks for everything.”
– V.R.